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Copy of Custom Sleeves (Q test)

Copy of Custom Sleeves (Q test)

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Elevate your style with our Custom Patchwork Hoodie/Sweater. Our customisation option allows you to craft a special, personalized garment by transforming your chosen image into an wearable sleeve. Once you order, we'll be in contact to secure the design you desire. Update your wardrobe today!

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Your Image, Your Sleeve

Celebrate self-expression with your own custom piece that lets you wear your heart on your sleeve in a literal sense.

Step 1

Choose your Images

Transform Meaningful Images into Beautiful Sewing Patterns.

Step 2

Sewing your images

Transform Your Clothing into Bespoke Masterpieces with Our Seamless Stitching.

Custom Sleeve Sweatshirt Hoodie Anime Character

Finished Product

Your Custom Completed

Transform Any Image That Holds Personal Significance into a Wearable Masterpiece